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Jihan, you take on the burdens of family members that can’t or don’t have the resources to help their loved ones transition. You really offer a valuable service and I’m blessed to be able to work with you.

Barbara L. Stohlman


Taking The Stress Out Of The Transition

"I must commend you on your wonderful professionalism. I have told many people that you are the most polished, intelligent, smart and beautiful person that I have met in a long time. You exude calmness and caring."

-Nancy A.

"Please know that YOUR style, manner, professionalism, knowledge, gentleness, thoroughness, directness and honesty has provided support and comfort beyond what you could possibly conceive and imagine."

"During the process of deciding whether a nursing is the best option for your loved one, the family is overwhelmed with how to start and what to consider. Recently, our family was at that decision point. Jihan was there to assist us throughout the process. Because of her knowledge and experience, she knew what questions to ask us so that she could ask the nursing home. Our family family needed to make a decision quickly and Jihan was efficient and professional. Within the first day, she had a list of potential nursing homes that met our requirements. Her professionalism allowed me to address other pressing issues that my father needed. Jihan served as a wonderful and compassionate advocate on our behalf, but most importantly in support of my father. This decision was difficult, Jihan made it easier."

Warmest Regards,


"Where I do began on speaking about such a wonderful person? Well for starters, I believe she is exactly her name, a STAR! She came into my life during a very troubling transition for me and has lead me along a great path during this journey. Her guidance and aid in my affairs are absolutely exceptional! Her compassion and empathy are what helped me see the other side of the tunnel. She keeps me on my toes and is honest with me. I appreciate her and I feel appreciated by her

I don’t know how I would have gotten this far without her. She is kind, patient and exudes the confidence I needed to keep going. Her discernment and diplomacy help me make clear decisions about my future. I’ve learned so much from her in such a short period of time and am astonished by her ability to provide a phenomenal service that lets me know she truly cares. Her talents are a gift and I am truly and ever grateful to have experienced her. Thank Jihan “The Phenomenal” Starr! Continue to shine and be the light that everyone should experience!"

-Betty Wesley

"I am eager to share my experience with eldercare consultant Jihan Starr. I have referred two people to utilize the experience and expertise of Jihan. The feedback was outstanding; in as much, the first client referred has continued utilizing Davenport Senior Connections over a two year period. 

The second client referred was very reluctant to reach out for support with her mom. She finally decided to contact Davenport Senior Connections, afterwards, she sent an email to me expressing much thanks followed by stating that Jihan was very, very helpful."

If you or someone you know are seeking assistance with eldercare needs, Davenport Senior Connections will meet your needs with 100% understanding, sensitivity, expertise, and genuine interest for families to be aware of options and good planning during, what can be, a stressful family decision-making period. Jihan Starr is the type of professional who will calm concerns with her training and expertise. Jihan is the type of person who will handle you and your loved-one with genuine care and compassion. I know at some point I will need assistance with planning eldercare and there is no doubt that I will contact Jihan for assistance."

Pamela Jones...

"Jihan, Thank you for your assistance with my father, L.P. My sister and I couldn’t have done it without your compassion and expertise. Happy Holidays to you."


J. P.

"You have been a great support in this and I really appreciate your hard work. You have been so great to work with."


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